16 November 2008

Sparrow Hills, Moscow, Russia

Location (via Google Maps): Sparrow Hills, Moscow, Russia

Coordinates: 55° 42' 53" N, 37° 32' 50" E. Find With Google Earth.

Sparrow Hills, Moscow, Russia

Sparrow Hills is a hill on the right bank of the Moscow River and one of highest points in Moscow with an altitude up to 220 m (60–70 m above the river level).

The observation platform, which gives a good panoramic view of the city, is situated on a steep bank 85 m above the river (200 m above the sea level). The Luzhniki Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremony for the 1980 Summer Olympics took place, is right below across the Moskva River. Learn more...

The places on the view from above marked with the numbers are:

  1. The observation platform.
  2. The Moscow State University.
  3. The Luzhniki Stadium.

The Observation Platform at Sparrow Hills, Moscow, Russia

The Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

View of The Luzhniki Stadium from the Observation Platform at Sparrow Hills, Moscow, Russia

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